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Supernatural stories

I've always enjoyed ghost stories and I've been a fan of the great English ghost story writer M.R. James since I was a child. My first forays into fiction were supernatural tales which appeared in various small press magazines and anthologies.

Stories appeared in Supernatural Tales, All Hallows, the journal of the Ghost Story Society, and Ash Tree Press anthologies At Ease With The Dead and Shades of Darkness. Grauer Hans, a story set in Bad Münstereifel, appeared in Shades of Darkness.

In 2013, some of Helen's stories were collected in an anthology called The Sea Change, published by Swan River Press. Copies can be ordered directly from Swan River.


Some of my first ever published work appeared in the Ghosts and Scholars M.R. James Newsletter, a small press journal devoted to the works of M.R. James and his peers.

You can read some of my articles about M.R. James on the Ghosts and Scholars website.

All my articles to date about M.R.James are also collected in an eBook, The Antiquary and the Crocodile, available from the Kindle store.

I am still an occasional contributor to Ghosts and Scholars. Subscription details here.

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